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Smart Business Magazine Top 50 Executives Awards

October 26th, 2016 by

Smart Business Magazine Awarded Mark DeBellis The “Impact Award”  

50 of the top executives in Central Ohio were honored at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Columbus, Ohio.  Of the three awards given for Innovation, Impact, and Sustainability We are  so proud to say Mark DeBellis won the 2016 Award of Impact! Attached is a video that was taken; one of Mark as the recipient of his Smart 50 Award for the Class of 2016 and the second, his acceptance speech for the Award of Impact. You would think to be unprepared to receive such an honor might have thrown him for a loop, but as you can hear in his heartfelt speech–it is easy to talk about something you are passionate about! Congratulations to Mark DeBellis of Suburban Steel Supply Co. for being awarded the “Impact Award” on the behalf of the Smart Business Magazine Top 50 Executives of Central Ohio!